Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Close of Another Year

Just a few random thoughts to close another year:

Will we ever be honest with ourselves as a nation, and really call a spade a spade? Political correctness has gotten ridiculous!!

Will the democrats and republicans actually learn to play well with each other? We the people are really getting tired of your arguing and accomplishing nothing!

Will the economy get turned around? I hear all of the military branches are hiring!!

Will their ever be restrictions added to receiving welfare? If you can afford cigarettes and liquor you don't need welfare!! Plus I hear all of the military branches are hiring!!

Will we see the military draft come back? PLEASE!!!!!

Not so funny to see Mr. Obama speak of the same communications failures in our security systems that were supposed to be fixed after 911. That was over 8 years ago. If they can't work together, FIRE them!! Sounds like a good idea for congress as well!!

Americans have great power, we just have a tendency to follow and listen to the latest rhetoric instead of doing our own research and making a decision for ourselves. It's easier to listen and join the bandwagon. Don't take sides because of your political color, make a decision because it's good for our country. Take the health care bill for example; all of the republicans voted against it, democrats for it, none of them read it because it's over 2000 pages long. We freed our country with a single page document containing 1337 words, not pages!! Our politicians today need to actually get involved with the bills they are voting on.

Have a Great New Year, and get involved!!