Sunday, August 29, 2010

Czech Republic +1 day

Got a  lot of maintenance items done today...most of the coach's and 3 of our lifters got a good workout in early this morning and by 10:30 we had met with all of the lifters and gotten everyone's rack heights for squat and bench taken care of.  This should reduce any required time to get this done at the beginning of each session.  Tends to reduce any hurried stress for both coaches and lifters as well. 

The breakfast being served here at the hotel was very good.  Eggs, sausage, bacon, deli meats and cheeses, choices of yogurts and fruits...and of course juice and coffee.  I don't think the hotel was quite prepared for the numbers of lifters that would be eating as they kept running low on food and coffee...but everything was worth the wait.  Definately liked the sunny side up egg circles...

Took a short walk over to a small grocery to stock up on water and pop for some, Red Bull for others...made the walk back after we waited for a pretty strong rain shower to freshen the air.  Chaz(Charles) McDonald, our 75KG Sub-Junior was the first to score a shirt trade.  He managed a quick trade with his main competition, the 75KG Russian that is ranked #1 in his class.  The Russian took Chaz back to his room and presented him with an unwrapped Russian workout shirt.  The highly unusual piece of this is that normally the Russians don't trade items much...has been kind of taboo in years past.  It appears this lifter came prepared to trade which means maybe they are coming around a little and loosening up a bit.  Maybe some of the other Russians will be prepared to trade as well.  If so, this would be a great turn around.

Took our team pictures this afternoon out amongst the greenery in the back of the hotel.  I will upload a new team picture tomorrow for the blog site.  After pictures, the coaches sat in on the technical meeting and we all got an update as to how many lifters would be changing weight classes for both the Sub-Junior and Junior teams.  Our Junior team arrived about 5:00 this evening and are checked in and now, I am sure, sleeping...trying to adjust that body clock before competition starts in the morning.

We will handle 5 lifters tomorrow and hopefully come out swinging for gold medals right off of the bat!  The US needs to get an early jump on the Russian team to have any chance of taking Team Gold this year in both girls and boys divisions.

Will post again tomorrow evening with the results of the day.  Now it all starts!!

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