Friday, July 31, 2009


A nice little reminder for all of my lifters. What Would Rayborn Do? It has become the chuckle around the weight room while we are lifting as we discuss what the lifters are doing outside of the gym. I always try to remind them to make the right decisions when they are out on the town or hanging with friends so they have picked up on the whole acronym of WWRD. Kind of nice to be thought of in a similar light as WWJD. So to speak....
Big squats and benches in the morning. It will be a nice milestone to see where the kids are in relation to what I am expecting at Worlds in September. We will also be discussing what will happen at the live video feed @ next Friday afternoon. That should be fun for them.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

7 Weeks Out

Everyone lifted well today, and after yesterday's Yard Sale event I am very pleased with the numbers we hit this morning. Mandy hit her squats for the day and they looked deep. Still have to work on her sitting back in the suit a little more so her knees don't drift over her toes, but she looked strong. Her new Inzer gear fit real well and she hit a quick 190 bench in her new shirt. That's the most I have seen her handle in quite awhile so maybe the new shirt might be the ticket. Her raw benches have been going real well and I expect that by time we get to Brazil she will be right on target.
Kenzie's squats looked great as usual, nice and deep and plenty of room for more. Her deadlift suit was too small so she will exchange it tomorrow. Benches looked good today. Still raw, but she is getting stronger on the bench. If she continues to develop her bench raw, I believe she will do some good things in Brazil.
Jesse looked great again. He continues to impress me with his raw strength. His form is next to perfect and I am looking forward to getting him in Titan gear for squats. I really want to see if that will make a difference. We put on his new Inzer bench shirt after his workout and he hit a quick 335 to make sure he could touch. Bar popped off of his chest like 135 and the touch was smooth. I know he is also looking forward to trying the Katana when it comes in.
From a coaches perspective all three lifters are right on target for September. Now if I can keep the reins pulled in enough that they don't sprint out too fast on this cycle. NO Over training!!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Are All Yard Sales Successful?

I guess you pretty much have to expect some level of success every time you host a "Yard Sale" even if your expectations are not really achieved. Today's Fundraiser Yard Sale was a success and each of the lifters will net about $120-$150 depending on a couple of items still to be paid for. This was far less that we had hoped for, but at the same time we are very happy with the outcome as this was more than what we had started with and other than a few hours in the hot sun it was actually a fun day. Of course it's back to lifting bright and early tomorrow morning and everyone will be a little worn from today's work so hopefully we can hit our expected numbers in the weightroom better than we hit our numbers today at the yard sale.
Financing the trip to the World Championships is well worth the efforts we endure and the final product will be experiences for these lifters as well as myself that most people only just think about and sometimes wish for. You can't wish for this; you have to go after it and make it happen. A yard sale, no matter how successful is a small piece of making it happen and the continued work and efforts on all of our parts make this experience what it will be. The yard sale is like one of the weeks in the gym, a step towards a goal, if we stay focused the end will be in sight very soon and more than likely get here sooner than expected.

Friday, July 24, 2009

The Joys of Fundraising!!

We are at the day before our Fundraising yard sale trying to raise money for the kids to travel to Brazil in September for the World Championships. 1st off, yard sales are always a hassle to begin with. That's why we only do them as a last resort and then we swear we will never let our crap pile up so high that we have to have another yard sale. But in this case we are actually going out and asking other people to donate their crap to us so we hopefully there will be enough crap to tempt the passersby to stop and take a look. Of course we only want the passersby to stop if they are serious about buying some of our newly donated crap to take home so that after the sale is over we won't have to take our crap along with all of our newly donated crap to the local Salvation Army so they can try to sell our crap.
Don't get me wrong, I appreciate all of the donations we have received so far and a lot of the crap we have received is excellent crap. It's just one more step in the process of getting to the World Championships. Can't wait to get to Brazil though!! USA will be represented very well!!