Sunday, August 23, 2009


It would be so much easier to just lead your kids through their life. You could ensure their decisions make good sense. (at least from your perspective!) You could use all of your life's knowledge to make their life so much easier than you had it. They wouldn't have to suffer all of the set backs and let downs you had to work through. They would only know the successes and highlights, never the hard times. When hard times did find their way into their lives you would have all of the answers ready to solve any problem.

That would be so much easier. On us anyway....

The real difficulty is having to watch them struggle with the little problems of life that seem so large to them. Knowing that they have to work through these issues so they are better prepared when the REAL problems confront them. And will they be any better prepared for the REAL problems? Only time will tell.

Struggling is okay.... you have to remind yourself that it is true. You can't protect them all of the time and issues that involve the heart are the worst. Definately not your territory and if you try you are reminded how far off base you really are. You really have no opinion on the matter. No matter your position, it's wrong!

They will ask. When they do, you have permission to listen and support, but not to have an opinion. An opinion will only complicate an already complicated situation. Be support...

I am trying.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Team Idaho Sponsors

I will say more about our sponsors after we return from Brazil, but I want all of our sponsors here in Idaho to know how much your support means to each of these lifters and to me their coach. Without your continued support both monetarily and spiritually we could not make this journey.
I promise each of you that these lifters are working their hearts out to do the best they can. Each week they improve over their last cycle and continue to surprise me with their accomplishments. Amanda, Jesse and Kenzie each want to do Idaho and the USA proud and do their part for Team USA to leave Brazil as World Champions. As a member of the coaching staff , we will do our best to ensure each of our USA lifters have the opportunity to hit the best meet they can and if possible, stand on the podium at the end of the day.
I love this opportunity of representing the USA and work with these great kids from all across our country. I am very proud of our team every time we compete on someone else's soil.
Thank you Idaho sponsors for helping this dream come true for these kids. They will realize how important an opportunity this is each in their own time, and they will return the favor to another. That's what it's all about.

Heavy Triples Tomorrow

Tomorrow we will be hitting what we would be expecting to be our openers at the World Championships. Each of the kids will be doing 2 sets 3 reps and if things go well this should end up being their opening attempts. Kenzie should be squatting 470 for triples and Jesse should be squatting 625 for triples. If they hit these it will definately prepare us for big numbers in Brazil. Kenzie has already tripled 195 in the bench in her new Inzer RageX shirt and tomorrow we will try her new Titan Katana, see if it fits and if it will make a difference. Her new squat suit came in as well so we will hit her triples in that. I don't know yet if Jesse's Titan gear has come in, but if not he is very comfortable in his Inzer suit and he will try his new Inzer RageX shirt tomorrow as well.
Lots of chalk dust and loud tunes for some big numbers. I hope everyone on the USA team is having the lifting cycle we are. Things are looking very good at this point!!
Amanda, have a great lifting session this weekend and try to stay focused. Lots of changes going on in your life right now, stay the course for a few more weeks and we will see you in South America!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

14 Days Out

It's amazing how much time you spend as a coach going over the nominations and shuffling placings between lifters to try and calculate where and who needs to place in the top 2 or 3 compared to the Russian team or the Ukraine team and which team can sneak in to take a spot either in our favor or against us.
I know it all comes down to how we lift on our day, but running numbers prior to the championships can drive a coach crazy!! The USA team is so close in team points to the Russian team in both boys and girls categories, if either team doesn't quite come in according to the nominations list or happens to win a weight class not expected to, then the Team Gold is up in the air. Then of course you have to watch out for the other countries that can sneak up on you or move from one weight class to another in order to gain a spot on the podium. This is what makes this a fun coaches sport.
And while we coaches are going through all of the possibilities, our lifters just need to hit the numbers they have been training for. As a coach, you hope the numbers they are hitting in the gym are quality reps and leave room for no doubt as to depth or pause. We can't be there to watch each lifter. We must depend on their training partners to push them and ensure their lifts are good international quality lifts.
My Idaho lifters have 3 more heavy lifts before we leave on the 4th and this Saturday will be the Saturday that will really determine where they are able to open their attempts which will pre-determine somewhat where they will finish if they go 3 for 3 in a particular lift. I just hope they get all of their gear to work in for the next 3 weeks, I know we are still waiting for Jesse's, although he is very confident in his current gear.
Before you know it we will be counting hours instead of days. I love this time of year!! :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Won't do that again!!

Have you ever heard about someone accidently injurying themselves and you think to yourself, "What a moron!" "How could they have done that?" I always did that when I heard about someone getting hurt using a table saw. I never could figure out how in the hell they could cut themselves using a table saw. It just didn't make any sense to me. I mean this is a very high speed piece of equipment, you have to be careful when you use it.
Well, it makes sense now!! I get it or should I say I got it?! Now I realize just how fast that blade turns and I am just a little slower to react than the saw. I know what you are saying. "What a moron!" But I have to tell you until the moment it happened I would have said the same thing. I just had to make this specific angle cut on a 3 foot long pice of hardwood. Of course the cut had to be length wise and of course it had to be on edge, so as I am pulling the board through the saw and pushing it with my other hand, I am watching very carefully. I realize it is not the best of conditions, and a table saw is probably not the best piece of equipment for this cut, but the table saw was out and I wanted to get the job done and I knew I could make it work. Well as I am pulling and pushing I looked from my pushing hand to my pulling had only for a moment to make sure the board was riding correctly and of course the board fell into the slot for the blade and since my thumb was what was applying the pressure on the board, it followed. Before I could glance back to see what had happened the board splintered in the blade and I got a nice thumbnail manicure. Needless to say it trimmed a little more than the nail and to top it off one of those lovely hardwood splinters ended up in my index finger. My response at this exact moment. "What a Moron!"
I inspected everything and figured out I was going to be fine, just feeling a little stupid (and lucky) and once I got the bleeding stopped realized the work I had done on the piece of wood was for not. I would have to start over again.
Now this proves that I am definately male and human. I started over again with another piece of wood and wouldn't you know it, I went through the same motions and made the same cuts using the same equipment. Now that's either persistance or stupidity!! I tend to lean towards persistance, after all I can't let an inanimate object like a table saw kick my ass. Can I?

Friday, August 14, 2009

20 Days Out

We are 20 days out from the 2009 World Sub-Junior Powerlifting Championships in Brazil. Amanda has left the group and is moving to Louisiana for school. She will meet us in Brazil in September. Jesse's lifts are going great and Kenzie is performing just as well, both should have great competitions if they stay focused. I am a little frustrated in that I can't verify if the hotel has received our payment for our rooms. The fax I sent out on Tuesday showed that it was received, but I haven't seen any charges on my card verifying that they have processed my payment. I emailed the contact today at the hotel, but to no avail. Today is the drop dead date on the rooms so I am keeping my fingers crossed that they have everything they need for our rooms.
Tomorrow is week 5 in our cycle and I believe Jesse is supposed to rep 600 in the squat and Kenzie should be at 455 for reps. This will be a really good indication if the cycle is going to finish well. Should be our first day in Bench shirts as well so I will have to see how that goes. Kenzie hit a triple of 195 last Saturday in her new shirt, but Jesse hasn't worked in his for any numbers yet.
Amanda trained yesterday somewhere in Wisconsin with Krogman and I guess he blessed here with a new nickname, "Puke Princess". I guess she had a slight accident during her squats and blew chunks on the platform during a lift. Nerves I guess in a new gym. :) Today she is on the road again headed south across the great plains of the midwest. As of 3:45pm today she has no idea where she is going to stop. I am guessing Oklahoma or somewhere in Texas. She should make it to Louisiana tomorrow sometime. She is lucky her sister chose to go along for company. Sisters can get along sometime I guess and Amy is a sweetheart for making the trip. One of those things Amanda won't have living down south.
I think the fundraising is winding down, but I hope to get in a few more bucks in before we leave. I and the kids have had some great luck with our repeat sponsors. They are great to have as supporters and truly are wonderful people that are willing to provide this experience to these kids. I hope each of our sponsors realize the opportunity they are providing, and I hope my kids will relish in the experience of this trip. I will do my best to ensure they do!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

No Moe No More

As parents we raise our kids and hope the job we have done prepares them for success in life and we hope that we have raised some one we would be proud to associate with.
Well coaching is very similar to parenting.
I have to say that with everything Team Idaho Powerlifting has going on this weekend, the live video stream at followed by further filming at Gold's Gym for future video segments, I am not looking forward to this weekend actually ending. It will end a wonderful experience I have had the opportunity to be a part of. One of my first female lifters that has grown up in front of me will be leaving Idaho for the great state of Louisiana to train and finish college at Louisiana State University, Alexandria.
Amanda started lifting as a very young 14 year old freshman at Skyview high school. She was kind of a band type geek and played a little basketball, but wanted to try powerlifting so we welcomed her into our group. As a coach I was always looking for new lifting athletes and especially girls that were willing to take on a sport like powerlifting. She caught on rather quickly and developed a great sense of humor along the way which was basically a requirement when you are the only girl in a gym full of testosterone ladened boys. I have to admit, I fell in love with her desire and commitment to wanting to get stronger and better at the sport.
In what seems to be 5 very short years, Amanda has become Idaho's first 4 time high school state powerlifting champion, one of the first to set a National and American Record, the first to win the High School Varsity National Championships and Idaho's first Sub-Junior World Champion. This year she will return to the World Championships for the 3rd straight time. She has been able to visit France, South Africa and this year Brazil representing the USA at the IPF World Championships.
Amanda, I will miss you every time Team Idaho is in the gym training. I will miss you coming in late rushing to get caught up on squats. I will miss telling you to get deeper on your squats(That has become less often by the way), I will miss your smile and the way you bounce around getting ready to lift. I will miss reminding you to keep your grip tight on the bar during benches and keeping track of how long it takes you to finish a heavy deadlift. It has been a distinct pleasure of mine to have been able to coach you and be associated with you over the past 5 years. You are truly a beautiful young lady and a great powerlifter. I wish you all of the luck and success you can ever hope to achieve as you journey southward and I expect to continue to see you at national and international venues. You will always be close to my heart and I will always consider you one of my favorite lifters. I am very humbled to say I was your coach. You are some one I would be proud to associate with. Love you girl!!